Friday, 8 April 2011

Folksy Friday - Mark's Choice

For our previous Folksy Fridays I have chosen all of the featured items, with Mark paying little attention to goings on, other than to pass the occasional half-interested comment! So this week I thought it was time to get a male perspective and see what the other half of Boy in Park’s top picks might be. So last night I passed the netbook to Mark and asked him to pick 8 of his favourite items on Folksy. I hope you enjoy the results...  Emma


  1. Mark's picked some really unusal and funky goodies. The lino print is amazing and the cowboy made me smile

  2. Great choices! I particularly love the 50s cabinet - now on my wish list!
    Rosie. x

  3. It does feel like a "boys" type theme!

    Love the Bang Bang t-shirt.

  4. Lovely selection. without wanting to sound like someones mum (which of course I am) - it's a very cool collection. the vintage cabinet is stunning... makes me want to move and furnish a new home!
    Kate x

  5. great choices. The cabinet is fab!

  6. Wonderful choices!!! Thanks for sharing with us!*HUGS*